Episode 4 - What lies ahead? Something that hasn't been done in 15 years

Episode 4: Episode 4 - What lies ahead? Something that hasn't been done in 15 years

In this episode Jo and Julian discuss the up and coming Masters and get excited about Julian playing in his first competitive tournament in 15 years. There's the usual fun too ! And what on earth are those antics that went on in Fuerteventura?

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This week, [Jo Cameron], [Julian Mellor] and [another person] cover [Golf News, Gol Tips, Effortless Golf].....

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  1. Golf News
  2. Golf Hints and Tips
  3. Effortless Golf

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1 00:00:07 Hi there and welcome to the proper golfing podcast tea. Talk with me, Joe Cameron. And you Miller.

Speaker 2 00:00:12 Hey Joe, how are you? I'm really good. Really good. Again. That's always.

Speaker 1 00:00:17 Yeah. So what you what's can we, can you tell us later are now what's why are you, why? So chipper today consider to be five degrees outside. What

Speaker 2 00:00:24 Is it's really cold outside, but today I entered a competition first time in 15 years. So I'll talk more about that later.

Speaker 1 00:00:33 How you feeling about yourself?

Speaker 2 00:00:34 Nerve sight?

Speaker 1 00:00:37 That's a really good word of it. Yeah. Nerve sighted. That's we're stolen that from our daughter actually nerve sighted. It's a mixture between nervous. I'm excited. Isn't it? Yeah. I'm liking that. We'll stick with that. I'm gonna

Speaker 2 00:00:46 Stick with that

Speaker 1 00:00:46 More about that later. Anyway, come up on the show as usual, we've got a Roundup of the golf news and it's big news this week.

Speaker 2 00:00:51 Some big news, big news, two bits of

Speaker 1 00:00:53 Big news. Two bits of big news. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hopefully. And it's not about you went in the,

Speaker 2 00:00:55 It's definitely not about me.

Speaker 1 00:00:58 You never know.

Speaker 2 00:00:59 I don't really figure high in the golfing world together.

Speaker 1 00:01:04 Um, anyway, so yeah, uh, round up as a golf news this week with big news, uh, and then we've got me magic moments, Joe's little gems, um, on the mindset side of golf and, um, wood of the week and coming up towards the end of the show, stick with it for the guests to hold in one

Speaker 2 00:01:21 In one

Speaker 1 00:01:22 It's like, guess the whole in one, in one end of the show. Cause we,

Speaker 2 00:01:26 I'm not doing, looking

Speaker 1 00:01:27 On the screen and maybe it's not on there. It's not on, there's a whole mixture of I on there. Well, I don't, I don't think it's you, that's not doing it. Well, I think it's me. I think it's the two of us together anyway. So let's just stay with it and see what happens. And then the word of the week is, um, wait for it. ACE.

Speaker 2 00:01:43 Cool. Yeah. That's an easy word to get in. Well, not many people know what that is.

Speaker 1 00:01:49 I dunno whether they do or whether on the radio, it was on the radio this morning. Right?

Speaker 2 00:01:52 Nice golfer.

Speaker 1 00:01:54 he's doing it again. I dunno. He just very weak with this anyway. Right? Um, so the word week is a ACE. I heard it on the radio this morning, there was this little like trivia quiz and somebody said, do they know what ACE is? And they said, well, it is. So just remind everybody what an ACE is.

Speaker 2 00:02:11 Very simple. It's a holding one.

Speaker 1 00:02:12 And my ACEs don't count by the way, when I say ACE, that doesn't count some of

Speaker 2 00:02:16 Your I've had three of them, by the way, one, one was an awesome one. And I will tell somebody, so you guys about it it one day, cuz it was nicknamed a Heineken, uh, which I'll go into at some point, if you know what Heineken is Heineken, they make the best things in the world. I had a Heineken holding in one and I'll tell you all about it another

Speaker 1 00:02:34 Day. Yeah, but I don't wanna hear about the Heineken hotel.

Speaker 2 00:02:37 No, no,

Speaker 1 00:02:37 No. I mention that. No, not about the Heineken hotel.

Speaker 2 00:02:40 That's the hotel

Speaker 1 00:02:41 Where they launched the brand new BMW and all those girls

Speaker 2 00:02:44 There's few super models came in.

Speaker 1 00:02:46 I told you we weren't told about that one.

Speaker 2 00:02:47 Okay. We about

Speaker 1 00:02:48 That one anyway. So the word of the week is ACE. It is a hole in one. Yeah. And I'm I run out already. Well I've brought you some special treats. So you got, you know, more Rockies.

Speaker 2 00:02:57 Oh, right. Cool. Would you like, yeah, I do like a Rocky.

Speaker 1 00:02:59 Hi Rocky. How you doing? And then we've got these very British, proper British cakes,

Speaker 2 00:03:05 Marshy Melow things. Do

Speaker 1 00:03:07 You know what they've got aside? What they got on the biscuit?

Speaker 2 00:03:11 Marshal. Oh ginger. No,

Speaker 1 00:03:13 No. And they got, they got the biscuit and then what they got on top of the biscuit?

Speaker 2 00:03:15 Marshmallow?

Speaker 1 00:03:17 No, in between the gap.

Speaker 2 00:03:18 Oh don't know, jam gem. Oh, now I've got a great story about gem I made you trip about that earlier. Didn't I that's an age story.

Speaker 1 00:03:27 So it's more about that in a minute as well. Yeah. You're just making millions for plays now. Right? Okay. So let's talk about the big news around the world and that's not jam either. No, that's nothing

Speaker 2 00:03:37 To do with you. There's more important.

Speaker 1 00:03:39 So the big news around the world, the big, big, big, big news,

Speaker 2 00:03:41 New world, number one, Scott, Scotty Sheffler, um, who has got a unique foot action when he's hitting the golf ball,

Speaker 1 00:03:51 Watch

Speaker 2 00:03:51 It feet, do a little bit of a shuffle. They should call him shuffler Scotty Sheffler. Now that would really that quite I'm not saying that quick, but he's got a kind of a, his back foot goes back a little bit. His left foot goes out a little bit and it looks like he moves a bit further away from the golf ball than when he started. Uh, but he's new world. Number one. What a golfer is

Speaker 1 00:04:12 Anything to do with his

Speaker 2 00:04:14 Could be, he could be the new trend where everybody's now gonna jump on the bandwagon and say, you've gotta move your feet. What's Scotty. Um, shuffler

Speaker 1 00:04:21 The Scotty sh Scotty

Speaker 2 00:04:23 Scotty shuffle. Yeah. Yeah. Why not? Um, so can

Speaker 1 00:04:26 You demonstrate

Speaker 2 00:04:27 Not really not easy. Why not? That would be tricky. footwear. Well, come on to that another day. I haven't got the Gulf shoes on if that's what you're thinking, Joe. No. Um, so that's fine. And the other potential potential bit of great news. Yeah. Tiger might be playing in the masters.

Speaker 1 00:04:47 How is it potential or is it confirmed?

Speaker 2 00:04:48 It's not a hundred percent confirmed. He's been for a practice round. So he flew in, in his nice black and white or black and silver jet, which looks stunning by the way, flew in, had a game walked around. Apparently he's been walking golf courses. So he's obviously getting golf fit as well as physically fit. And I think he's going to play, I think he's gonna play, Roy's been his there as well today. Okay. But uh,

Speaker 1 00:05:13 So what's the percentage you reckon

Speaker 2 00:05:15 I'm gonna go right now? 80%, 80% Going up every day. We don't hear that. He's not playing he's going up for me rather than so I think, um, I just think he's great for golf. You know, he draws, he draws the crowds. It's gonna be great for August. It's a great comeback story. Let's hope so. Yeah. Really do hope so.

Speaker 1 00:05:35 Wow. That's gonna make it magical then. Come on tiger. Yeah, come on. We're rooting for you. Um, so what the, so if you think about tigers as a golfer, would you be able to give us like your three? I mean, I know it's gonna be difficult, right? Yeah. Cause it's like hundreds, three most brilliant shots that stand out in your mind, where would they

Speaker 2 00:05:53 Be? So number one, the chip in on the 16th at Augusta, right. Um, hit it over the back of the green, terrible lie, downhill shot. You had to go over little Ridge onto the edge of a green. You had to stop it and then get it to run down the slope. Oh yeah. And it rolled down, stopped on the very edge of the hole with his Nike logo and then it was going and was it, and then it just rolling. Remember I think that is gonna be one of the most memorable shots ever, which was stunning. What,

Speaker 1 00:06:22 What year was that? Do you know?

Speaker 2 00:06:23 I don't know the year. No, but he's 21. Um, but just amazing, amazing golf shot from where he was. And he was really visualizing where he wanted to go. So that was an absolute standout best shot I think I've ever seen under pressure. Awesome. I think the second one for me would be, he was playing from a bunker. He was, um, behind a tree and he had to spin it left or right around this tree. And when it landed on the green, it spun diagonally across towards the flag. The most incredible bunker shot you've ever seen, had a really weird follow through when he did it. So he's just trying to put as much spin on the ball as he could landed on. Great, great, great golf shop. Fabulous. And then I think the other one for me, which we spoke about before was the put on the 17th at Sawgrass. Uh, when you hold it a weird breaking, put you hold that one just amazing. So it's not all about long driving. A lot of people talk about how far these guys hit it. But the, I think the magic comes around the short game stuff.

Speaker 1 00:07:20 Well, you haven't mentioned one then haven't you? No long? Um,

Speaker 2 00:07:23 No. I mean he said a lot long golf shots. Don't get me wrong. You know, he, he did things with a golf ball initially that we only ever dreamt of. And then people start to catch him up. So distance wasn't his standout feature in the end. It wasn't initially, but not at the end cause they're all doing it, but he just asked that vision. He's got that imagination. Fabulous.

Speaker 1 00:07:41 So what do you say to the people that say, oh, that's just look, What do you say about

Speaker 2 00:07:46 That? So all those thousands and thousands of hours practicing, having fun around the green, playing with his dad, playing against his friends, playing against his peers. He ain't look when you do that shot time and time again, under pressure when it really matters. There's no look involved in that. You need a fraction of bit for it to drop in, but every you've done everything right for it to go in. So yeah, no, no. Look in my words, just real, real talent.

Speaker 1 00:08:10 Right. What else are you looking forward to then for the masters? What us? Um, so we

Speaker 2 00:08:14 Don't know who's gonna win. We don't know who's gonna win. There's no, there's no standout gold for that's gonna, how you know, they're definitely gonna win it. The world new world number one might stand a good chance. Um, I would love to see an English person win it. Um, you know, again, maybe Rory is he up there? He always generates a bit of excitement, but you know, I think everybody playing in the masters as deserve their spot and good luck to all of them playing in it because it wouldn't, it be amazing if like an underdog. Won't it? Um, so yeah, fair. But the masters is the master in. It's always got that.

Speaker 1 00:08:47 We're only days away really now aren't we?

Speaker 2 00:08:49 Yeah, just, uh, just over a week now. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:08:51 Yeah. So all events canceled in our house. It, it isn't. I know I say this every time it is in the diary, isn't it?

Speaker 2 00:08:58 It's in my diary. it's next weekend. Don't put me out next Sunday evening.

Speaker 1 00:09:05 Yeah. Well, yes.

Speaker 2 00:09:06 Well you can go. You'll be fine. I'm

Speaker 1 00:09:09 I've been known to do that in the past. You,

Speaker 2 00:09:11 You,

Speaker 1 00:09:12 Yeah. And we do have to politely say to some people, so your first competition next week, then next Wednesday,

Speaker 2 00:09:18 Next Wednesday. So I haven't played tournament golf, proper tournament, golf, individual golf for 15 years now. So, uh, I was head pro a golf club in Laton and I kind of stopped playing then because you didn't have the time to commit to it. And I wanted to no, what it was gonna be like I'm a year golfer now. And I wanted to know what it was gonna be like playing in tournament golf. Um, there's gonna be some great learning from it. I've already learned some bits. So what I'm doing is making, um, a bit of a diary about what's happening about it. So I'm gonna release it once I've actually played, uh, just some things that are happening. Some of the things that I'm doing, they would say preparation for it.

Speaker 1 00:10:01 So you started prepping already. Then

Speaker 2 00:10:03 I started prepping for a week away as soon as I pressed the button. Yeah. Um, so I pressed the button, got a little bit nervous for I've never actually played this golf course, um, which is gonna be interesting. So a place called Lilly shore, which is where I started my PGA training. So I past my PGA exams there, but I've never actually got to go and play the golf course. So the first thing I did once I pressed pay and enter, I went straight into Google earth.

Speaker 1 00:10:26 That is amazing at Google a that you can actually have

Speaker 2 00:10:29 A look at it and have a real good analytics of the golf course. You, you can, there's a great tool on Google earth where you can mess a yardage. Hmm. Um, so I haven't actually measured the yardages yet, but I will be doing in

Speaker 1 00:10:41 An ideal world. You wanna go and play it? Wouldn't you really?

Speaker 2 00:10:43 Yeah. I just won't have time. Yes. I just won't have time to go another practice

Speaker 1 00:10:46 Because we, you didn't know this was gonna be your first, uh, we didn't know that this was gonna be next week. So, you know, in hindsight you might have said to yourself, okay, I wanna go and play the course first, but you know, yeah.

Speaker 2 00:10:55 I, well, I still I've said that I was gonna to enter. And then I was a little bit in doubt because you know, there's a lot of things happening coaching wise, but you know what I've done it. So I, I

Speaker 1 00:11:05 Committing that I'm 100% beyond why we totally 100% beyond on this.

Speaker 2 00:11:10 Yeah. Thank you. Um, I'm looking forward to it. You know, I seem to be swinging the golf club. Okay. You know, today I've been in the same practic. I've got all my yardages on my golf clubs. I hate the word dialing in, been dialing in my golf clubs. I haven't been dining in my golf clubs. I've been finding out how far go,

Speaker 1 00:11:26 What does that actually

Speaker 2 00:11:27 Mean? It's like a groovy way of seeing how far do eight, my golf clubs. But for me, it's a bit too groovy. I've just found out how far go. And there's a nice gap in between each one. And uh, and I've got that it's on the phone. So what I'm then gonna do is put a little bit of tape on the back of my, on the shaft. I'm gonna write a number on it. And that's just gonna tell me how far those golf clubs go. So that's perfectly legal. So I'm gonna be doing that one. The other,

Speaker 1 00:11:51 I'm excited to hear this little store. I'm excited to hear the diary as well.

Speaker 2 00:11:54 Some stops happening. Yeah. It's gonna be nice. I'm keeping it to myself. Yeah. I'm excited about, I'm making some bits in the car. I'm just chat away in the car. Some of the things I'm doing, um, very, very,

Speaker 1 00:12:04 I mean, these are the ball. Yes. So, you know, I said jam earlier jam. There is a reason there is a reason. We're both chuckling about the jam. We've got jamming. The cakes, our daughter rig doesn't like jam either. No, but so yeah, anybody that brings a cake with Jamin, doesn't get eaten by a daughter. Does it?

Speaker 2 00:12:21 So why jam? Why do I, why do I put jam on my golf balls? Why do I put jam on

Speaker 1 00:12:27 My balls? why nobody really wants jam on their balls. Do they? Why? But I know now, so why is it because, well, mostly because you don't like the number four on four ball.

Speaker 2 00:12:37 No, that's just a do I've got two markers. So Jam's my initials clearly

Speaker 1 00:12:43 Forgot. No one knew that anyway, but yeah.

Speaker 2 00:12:46 Julian, Andrew, me for those who want to know name

Speaker 1 00:12:49 Again.

Speaker 2 00:12:50 So I have got a bit of a phobia about number fours on the golf ball. Yeah. So one of the things that I do is each generally each packet of golf balls, you get, there's gotta be ones, two threes and fours. I don't like fours and I don't wanna throw them in the bin. I want to use them cause we're brand new golf ball. So what I do on my golf ball now is I actually, um, blank out the number. So I've blanked out the number on both sides

Speaker 1 00:13:14 On all ball, all my golf ball. Exactly.

Speaker 2 00:13:17 Yeah. And then on the side I put my initials jam. So it's always good to have a bit of jam on your side when you're playing coal. Brilliant.

Speaker 1 00:13:25 Actually a looking thing.

Speaker 2 00:13:26 There you go. So you can look, look at that. You can have a look at one of these, but you can't have it. Cause I'm gonna say so I literally

Speaker 1 00:13:33 Might be able to say ball, put that

Speaker 2 00:13:34 I literally put jam on the golf balls and we all need a bit of luck and I'm gonna have a bit. So I found that it works for me and I I'm playing a new ball. Actually. I normally play tightly. I normally play tightness.

Speaker 1 00:13:47 Somebody give you these today, which is really hard.

Speaker 2 00:13:49 The venue that I I coach at, we actually golfs in. Awesome play. Great guys who really

Speaker 1 00:13:56 Good guys

Speaker 2 00:13:56 Aren't um, I mentioned to 'em I just need a dozen golf balls and they very, very kindly supplied me with a dozen, um, tailor mates. I could have had a choice of a few, but I've chosen the tailormade. These are TP five Xs and they've also very kindly and donated me a glove. I don't often wear gloves if I'm honest, but they've donated me, uh, a beautiful new glove. And I want you to say the name

Speaker 1 00:14:26 I've heard of these cuz they make shoes as well. They do. Indeed. They do make shoes.

Speaker 2 00:14:29 Yeah. Duka

Speaker 1 00:14:30 Yes.

Speaker 2 00:14:31 Duke Adel Cosma, uh, is an Italian golf, uh, company, Italian leather. And I've worn this. Yeah. And I have to say it feels extremely nice. So I don't normally wear a glove cause I don't feel that I need to. But uh, you know, if it gets a little bit warmer, if my hands start getting a little bit sticky, then I'm going to put my nice new glove one. So thank you. We golfs for supplying me beautiful glove

Speaker 1 00:14:56 And golfs. Like you said, they're really, really decent guys. Aren't they? They really good.

Speaker 2 00:15:01 They're great human beings. We're

Speaker 1 00:15:02 Gonna give a big shout out to them today. Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:15:04 The facilities amazing. It's got three Sims in there. There's capacity to go to more, you know the stocking loads of golf. Not, I'm not trying to plug.

Speaker 1 00:15:12 Don't just

Speaker 2 00:15:13 Really, really nice people. Just try that one. It's a really nice,

Speaker 1 00:15:17 Only Italian could do like proper, proper Lev, proper,

Speaker 2 00:15:20 Proper Lev. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:15:21 Golf guy that runs. This is like an independent guy as well, I think. Right. Okay. Just, just shoes

Speaker 2 00:15:25 As well. They're nice. Aren't they? So what I will do very quickly for those who people are able to watch this rather than listen to it. If you could just take off, I'm gonna show you how to put a golf glove on which sounds really simple.

Speaker 1 00:15:36 You get everything when you come in don't you, you get everything

Speaker 2 00:15:39 So you pop it on. Okay. So you want it fairly tight. So I've got a medium hand for those who want to supply more gloves. I need plug, um, clench your fist and then it over and then it's gonna fit correctly. So what most people do is they, they put it on this way with the hands open and it's not always tight enough. So you want it nice and tight, pop it over and then hold it. And then it's now perfect fitting go club with no marks on.

Speaker 1 00:16:07 Do you know what? It's fascinating. Honest. Goodness me who, Who, who know you could put jam on your balls. Yeah. And, um, and put a golf club on properly. Absolutely wanted. Yeah. So you got that. Well, thank you very much to duke co duke co for golf club. Yeah. I'm looking forward to, I really genuine looking forward to hearing about this, um, preparation that you're gonna do. Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:16:26 I've got got

Speaker 1 00:16:27 So, so just to summarize what you're doing in terms of your prep mind, so you put jam on your balls, you've got rid of them four, you've got your golf club. Um, you record, you know, you're putting stuff into your recording.

Speaker 2 00:16:37 I recorded the yardages on all my clubs and I've written down all the things that I'm doing in, on entering a competition after 15 years of noting competition

Speaker 1 00:16:49 As a senior golfer,

Speaker 2 00:16:50 As a senior doctor. And when I lasted entered there, wasn't this modern technology around like there is now. So it's really easy now to pay. So you used to have to fill in a form, write your checks, send your poster checks off. Now it's all done automatically. And the first tournament is 60 pounds. So wow. And it's um, a qualifier. So it's a qualifier for six tournaments. There's 30 places. Um, so I'm hoping there's 29 people playing. So I can pretty much get a place guaranteed. Um, but there's 30 opportunities for me to get into the six tournaments. So there's two qualifiers. This is the first one I'm gonna give it a good go.

Speaker 1 00:17:28 I'm excited. Thank

Speaker 2 00:17:29 You. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:17:30 I'm really excited. And I did volunteer to come with you. You said no

Speaker 2 00:17:34 Did. Yeah. Um, I did say no this

Speaker 1 00:17:36 Perfectly fine. No that's I go absolutely right. 100% go and do that. Um, yeah. I'm excited. Thank you week next week. Next Wednesday something. Yeah. We'll update you how it goes. Yeah. Cool. Yeah, no, it's gonna be really interesting to see how you get on as well. Isn't it? I

Speaker 2 00:17:50 Think there'll be a few people. Interesting. A few people have a SNE when I've, um, if I shoot a bad score, but my intention is not to shoot a bad

Speaker 1 00:17:57 Score. Yes. I know. Well, let's just see how it goes. It's your first one in 15 years. Isn't it? So let's just see how it goes. It's interesting. Okay. So, so before we move on to the me magic moments and the Joe's little gems, I just gonna talk about pillows

Speaker 2 00:18:11

Speaker 1 00:18:13 Pillows. So if you, the English accent or something, pillows is what you sleep on. Right? So I'm gonna put this on the Facebook group cuz last week we're in first Ventura running the golf coaching week, which was fantastically amazing. I'm boiling up and, and then we get back and it's freezing cold. Um, so, um, Julian likes his pillows, cushions. You name it actually

Speaker 2 00:18:36 Like comfort is what I really

Speaker 1 00:18:39 Accommodated by cushion pillow pillows and all that sort stuff. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So even sitting on the sofa, his arms popped up, his legs popped up and all that sort of thing. I dunno. It's just this thing. Right? So we did um, five nights in first of insurer with pillows that were a bit variable weren't they? And then somebody said

Speaker 2 00:18:58 they were rubbish for me,

Speaker 1 00:19:01 For you. Nobody else bothers. Do they about pillows? The odd one or two persons?

Speaker 2 00:19:04 I need three. They only got two.

Speaker 1 00:19:06 Okay. So somebody told us they got a pillow menu. Now I knew what that, as that means that you've got a variety of different pillows that you can choose from in your own, but it taking us five nights for somebody to say, so what I will do is I'll put this picture on our Facebook page of Julian with all his cushions. Oh, um, that is the bed. You might not be able to see that. Cause it might not be in focus, but you, where are you?

Speaker 2 00:19:29 Oh, oh, I got,

Speaker 1 00:19:31 You're not even under

Speaker 2 00:19:31 That 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Speaker 1 00:19:34 Just no young counted them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Yeah. And I think there's another one under your head. Nine,

Speaker 2 00:19:40 Nine. I was comfy.

Speaker 1 00:19:43 So I think so I said to somebody that we got this pillow menu and they weren't really big into pillows, so they really didn't know what pillow menu was. Was they? Yeah, because they were like, well, what what's that? So I said, it's a choice of pillows. So the reason why we ended up with so many yeah. Is that we did, we couldn't decide. So here's the list of the pillow. If you ever decide to go to Al palace hotel in first venture, we highly recommend it. It's five star hotel. It's really good. Cuz the driving range is just there. Isn't it put in, in ship. Brilliant. Everything is perfect. The setup is really good. So we highly recommend it. Here's the pillows to get down feathers pillows. Yeah. Which are, um, firm firmness is medium to high. You've got a latex pillow. You've got a cervical spine pillow, a Visco top and a new, which I can't even.

Speaker 2 00:20:34 So we had one of each.

Speaker 1 00:20:35 So we had one of each. Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:20:36 I can't say one stood out from the other, but I did enjoy it.

Speaker 1 00:20:39 Maybe they were massively different. Cause some were really hard and chunky. Some were like, you know, not so hard and chunky. And they were all different shapes and sizes. Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:20:47 Really nice

Speaker 1 00:20:47 To have. So our recommendation is when you, when you check into a hotel. Cause the other thing that we didn't realize was there was a blackout curtain beyond the curtain. So stupidly we went five nights with light being hardly asleep. Did we? Our best advice and you are much clever than we are obviously. Cause we haven't trouble for a while. We, you know what I'm saying? When you go to the hotel, check what available first. Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:21:08 Yeah. No, we just had a great time

Speaker 1 00:21:11 Before we leave for Ventura. I want to ask you about that terrible thing that you did to me.

Speaker 2 00:21:19 That was very funny. That was very funny. So I'll just, I just very quickly

Speaker 1 00:21:25 Funny

Speaker 2 00:21:25 It wasn't explain what happened. So, um, Joe and I have a little bit of fun with each other and um, Joe went off to go and get her dessert and there was nine of us around the table and there was a door next to the table, which I thought was a cupboard. So I said to the whole table, let's go and hide in the cupboard.

Speaker 1 00:21:48 Why get my desire?

Speaker 2 00:21:49 Because I think that'll be quite funny when she comes back to an empty table. Anyway, I opened the door. It was a beautiful room with all overs and everything. So we're actually

Speaker 1 00:21:58 Here nine of

Speaker 2 00:21:59 You in, in this other room. But one of us was looking through the little gap to see Joe coming back to an empty table of when she gone, where are they? where are they? And then she started talking to herself. Oh, well, if they're not here, I'll sit down and have all these puddings. In which time we couldn't stuff ourselves. We came out this door. So we all had awful. We have a lot of fun at yeah. But I through the door,

Speaker 1 00:22:37 I sort wondering how long you were in that cupboard because right. I'd gone off to get my dessert, but I thought while I'm getting my dessert, I'll just knit to the ladies. And normally I'm quite brisk there, but I thought, no, I'll just like redo my hair, retouch my lippy, take my time. And then when I got back to the desserts, which is like buffet, so you can help yourself. So I'll just have a little taster. I do have, you know, if there's three desserts, I don't eat. 'em all, I'm just like doing a little taster, but they needed, I needed to get something else. So there was a big long wait for like a knife or something or that. So I like waiting. So you must have been in what you thought was a cup for ages waiting me to cook. Yeah,

Speaker 2 00:23:09 It was nice cupboard though. And then when I

Speaker 1 00:23:11 Got back, there was obviously the heck have nine people gone.

Speaker 2 00:23:16 There was, there was nine of us, a first wall.

Speaker 1 00:23:21 So then I thought, I thought, well, I'm going, I've got these three Putins I'm just gonna eat more. I don't care what anybody thinks. I'm just gonna eat all the Putins and you have talking to myself,

Speaker 2 00:23:29 You the bottle say out loud. So that was really cool. But fair play too. Took it very well, but

Speaker 1 00:23:36 It, so you wanna watch it, right? If you ever come on a golf week with us, you wanna watch it,

Speaker 2 00:23:42 We catch you

Speaker 1 00:23:43 Out. What are you like? Brilliant. Anyway. Um, yeah, just don't do that again. Right? You have to be careful. Cause some people might like replay it back on you. Yeah, I can.

Speaker 2 00:23:52 I can't promise something like that won't happen again. Cause it probably will, but it

Speaker 1 00:23:55 Was, it was fun, but they did. Everybody had a really great time don't they, you know, we had, we had eight golfers there and I think the venue big Testament to the venue. Again, we get no kickback. They were fabulous. They looked after us really well. Didn't they, you know, the pillow menus, the flipping, the blackout curtains. We didn't know we'd got until five, the pro

Speaker 2 00:24:12 The pro shot unbelievably

Speaker 1 00:24:13 Helpful.

Speaker 2 00:24:15 We wanted to change a couple of times and coach. Yeah. Different times. They couldn't have been more accommodating the manager. Unbelievable. And then the thing they did at the end very end, that was just out this world. So thank you very much. We really, really

Speaker 1 00:24:29 Did appreciate yes. We had the end of, um, you know, we had the end of drinks. End of

Speaker 2 00:24:33 Yeah. They supplied

Speaker 1 00:24:34 That for yeah. They were really good. Yeah. They were really good. So it's highly recommendable look in the canals. It's some, it's sunshine all year round on it, you know, that's 15

Speaker 2 00:24:40 Days of rain a year. So It's not a lot rain. This is not fair. This you're not gonna get rain

Speaker 1 00:24:45 On. It's not fair. Yeah. Um, so anyway, thanks for that. So let's have a think about your me's magic moment this week then.

Speaker 2 00:24:52 Well, um, my me's magic moment is I have to give credit to Eric beset.

Speaker 3 00:25:00 Oh

Speaker 1 00:25:00 Yes. Okay. Eric bet. Who was, is it on our YouTube channel was infer. Ventura had a great with his wife as well. And his wife is like now massively committed to, she has been on, I've been on various golf once

Speaker 2 00:25:12 One, another one. And she wasn't sure whether she was, but

Speaker 1 00:25:15 They often on another, you know, to us, no, she's been on them as well. Other

Speaker 2 00:25:19 Ones. Oh yes. With Brian. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:25:20 No with other people. I'm sorry,

Speaker 2 00:25:22 What I

Speaker 1 00:25:23 Different. And um, and they enjoyed this one because of the mix golf, the socializing and the fun and you know, the tuition and the

Speaker 2 00:25:30 Plan.

Speaker 1 00:25:30 Yeah. So I'm really, really, really so pleased for Eric's wife because this is like, you know, she's really enjoyed it and she really wants to carry on, which has never really happened before. So

Speaker 2 00:25:39 That's should be very good at it as well.

Speaker 1 00:25:41 Happy with that. Yeah. Yeah. Really good. So, um, yeah, Eric tells what Eric,

Speaker 2 00:25:44 So Eric does something very D into 99% of the golfers. He put side saddle. So I, I knew that he put a side saddle cause he's a member of proper golfing. Uh, and I wanted to make a video on it, but I'd never actually seen a side title putter, uh, they're different and I'd never, ever seen a technique used properly. Uh, so I got, I threw massively at the deep end. I says, Eric, would you mind helping me? Let's shoot a video on this so we can share it with people to let them have a go with it. Because a lot of people struggle with their Putin. Eric was one of them I've struggled massively with my Putin. Uh, Eric was 39 to 40 puts around he's now down to 32 to 33, as he said, it's not a magic bullet, but oh my God, does this technique work? So I've made a video on it. It's just type in, I think it's sites put in Julie Miller sites haven't put in and uh, have a look at it. It's fascinating. What I love about it most is the way that his puter moves. Yes,

Speaker 1 00:26:44 Yes.

Speaker 2 00:26:45 It will swing so well in line. Um, the putter itself can only go at 80 degrees. It can't go at right angles, but you can hold it at 90 degrees, which is cool. It's longer than normal, I think is, is 42 inches. It could be a little bit longer because

Speaker 1 00:26:59 It's tall as well. Isn't it it's

Speaker 2 00:27:01 But because hold it in a different way. All the details are on are on the video, but I was just blown away by how good his putting stroke looked. I was looking at the way the head was moving. I wasn't really bothered how he looked. I was more interested what's that put head doing and it moves so efficiently through impact. And he often starts the ball online. He may misread it. It may hit me a little bit harder, a little bit soft, but that golf ball starts where he is aiming. Um, I, I was really, really, really impressed with it. So hats off to you, Eric, for, um, showing me how side saddle works, apparently there's forums out there that he's a member of who are also very excited that he put it over very well. So congratulations to them.

Speaker 1 00:27:44 Yeah. I mean, it's like, it's the first time I'd I'd ever seen that. And I think, you know, it's like, whoa,

Speaker 2 00:27:48 I've been playing golf a long time and here that Sam sneaky did it. There's gonna be loads of other people that come, come out,

Speaker 1 00:27:54 Say somebody else had tried it as well. Didn't you? Who, who

Speaker 2 00:27:56 Else? Um, so Bryon Deandre, he tried it for a little bit. Then he went to the kind of locked on position, but it's a similar, the type of thing. It's, he's trying to keep the putter as upright as possible. Uh, but he just strokes it really, really well. Uh, it's got no loft on the putter. Normally puts have four degrees on zero loft. Uh, what he did was try cheap, cheap versions to see if he liked it first, when he decided he liked it, he then got a really, really good putter. So I would say if you do struggle with putting and you don't mind about looking different to other golfers out there, check out side settle. It's really, really good.

Speaker 1 00:28:34 Yeah. And like I said, this video on your YouTube channel by that don't they? So thank you Eric, for that. I mean, they came all the way from America. Didn't they? To the, they

Speaker 2 00:28:42 Had a bit of a journey. They had to drop off in different places, but hats off too,

Speaker 1 00:28:45 What a great week becomes awesome. What a great week had a lovely time do it. And then we're back down to work with five degrees here. Yeah. It's degrees Celsius, complaining. It was too hot over there.

Speaker 2 00:28:55 Yeah. Not now.

Speaker 1 00:28:56 yeah. Um, so my little gem of the week we might have cropped up last week is about the questions that we asked ourselves. Okay. So if you're not getting results, you've gotta be mindful about the questions that are going on in your brain. It's a weird way of looking at things, but what, when you start to think about what answer do I want and then ask the question that gives you the answer. It like really messes with your brain a bit, but it really works. You know? So like we said before, if you hit a shot, that's not like, great. If you ask, why did it go in the water? It doesn't give you a very empowering response. Is it like, if you say, what can I do differently? Or what went well, it sounds a bit deep, but it actually really works. It's so smart. Yeah. Smart. Yeah. Yeah. Intelligent. You're absolutely right. Intelligent.

Speaker 2 00:29:37 That's an nice idea. I love it.

Speaker 1 00:29:39 Yeah, absolutely love it. So be mindful of the, well, be mindful of the answers that you get. If you're not getting the answer you want, you've gotta change the question.

Speaker 2 00:29:48 Ask better questions, ask

Speaker 1 00:29:49 Better questions, change

Speaker 2 00:29:50 The question,

Speaker 1 00:29:51 Get rid of the word. Why anything that reflects on yourself? Like why? Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:29:55 We hate

Speaker 1 00:29:55 That word. It's really negative in it. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:29:57 Its

Speaker 1 00:29:58 So before we close, um, the golf guess the golf.

Speaker 2 00:30:03 Yes. Guess the whole

Speaker 1 00:30:04 In

Speaker 2 00:30:04 One in one. Yeah. So I got it wrong. Did I again? Well

Speaker 1 00:30:08 This is what I'm saying. I don't think it's you. I think it's a combination of the two of us. Yeah. Because I think I find it really difficult to find golf holes. Yeah. So when I Googled last week, you, we played one of Vista in 10 endless amount of times. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Cause we play it like five times a week when we there. Yeah. So you know it intimately. So our Google's six hole at Buena Vista mm-hmm and I get some picture. Remember that picture that I showed you last week and you went, hang on a minute. You went, that's not Buena Vista.

Speaker 2 00:30:36 I would say no, it just didn't look like the

Speaker 1 00:30:38 Correct. That was it. Put it on the Facebook page there. You said that's not it. Yeah. You may or may not be right. Because it is difficult to tell. Yeah,

Speaker 2 00:30:48 It is. It is off Google. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:30:50 So what I thought was

Speaker 2 00:30:51 So call it a draw.

Speaker 1 00:30:53 Well, I think we're just gonna have to go back to the drawing board. So there is one of Vista to go cause Google earth is amazing. Right? Because you can actually see one of Vista golf course on there. So we need to double check on Google earth. Whether that hole is actually there.

Speaker 2 00:31:09 Okay. Um, I'm not gonna do that right now. Cause no, take a minute or two. No,

Speaker 1 00:31:14 But that's, that's what the golf course looks like. Isn't it? Yeah. So before we do this guess a golf hole in one again,

Speaker 2 00:31:21 We're we're

Speaker 1 00:31:22 Gonna get it right. Because you are incredible at getting, you know, you are incredible knowledge. Pretty good. So I don't think it's you, I think it's me because I'm not picking the

Speaker 2 00:31:33 I'm calling draw at the moment then we're back.

Speaker 1 00:31:34 So there that is Buena Vista run my laptop. Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:31:37 That's lovely. Path three hole.

Speaker 1 00:31:38 Yeah. So which holds that?

Speaker 2 00:31:40 Uh, no, that's actually the part, that's a path four hole. That's the 4, 14, 15, something like that. Beautiful. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:31:46 Beautiful golf. So next time we're gonna get it. Right. Perfect. Cause I think between us somehow we're getting

Speaker 2 00:31:52 that's how you say

Speaker 1 00:31:57 Don't you

Speaker 2 00:31:59 I'm doing all.

Speaker 1 00:32:02 You're nearly, you're nearly the same guy as what? Her last night chase in the dog.

Speaker 2 00:32:07 she, she thinks I've only got one of these ACEs in .

Speaker 1 00:32:13 Okay. So, um, listeners and Watchers out there. Can you please add all these ACEs up? Because he always thinks that he's got more than I think he's got, I think you've only got about four, so you can have two rocks. Yeah. And you can have two things with jamming it.

Speaker 2 00:32:29 Cool. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:32:30 And that's it. Right? That's all you have, But

Speaker 2 00:32:34 Thank you, Joe. I'll

Speaker 1 00:32:35 Give you a free hat if you can guess exactly. If you can add it all off and uh, anyway, so next week we're gonna be looking at, um, reading the green, I think next week we are.

Speaker 2 00:32:43 Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've got some great little hints and tips on, um, green reading for those people who, who don't know how to do it very well. Um, just things that I've picked up over the years of playing golf and coaching it. So, uh, I'm not gonna get into, uh, too much depth about the modern way of reading greens. Uh, but I will talk you there we say the, the average golfers way of reading the greens that should really help. So no, that'll be good. I'll

Speaker 1 00:33:11 Enjoy that. And I'm just thinking maybe by next time you might have played in that competition you might have played or you might not, depending on whether we do these depending what I'm gonna do.

Speaker 2 00:33:20 Cool. Uh, watch this space.

Speaker 1 00:33:23 that's exciting. Isn't it? Um, so we're wishing you, um, all the best for your golfing week ahead. Um, enjoy yourselves, always look on the bright side of life and we'll see you on the next show. You take care, take

Speaker 2 00:33:34 Care. Bye bye. Bye.

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