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Speaker 1 00:00:07 Hi there and welcome to the proper golfing of log cast. I'm Joe Cameron, and this is 2d map Chessie account After the day. So coming up on our little podcast podcast, whatever you want to call it today, um, we're going to have some regular features. So we're going to talk a little bit about what's going on in the world of golf and there's plenty going on. Isn't there

Speaker 2 00:00:31 Always planned to going down and golf

Speaker 1 00:00:32 And some stuff that we're going to introduce new features. So we're going to have Joe's little gems,

Speaker 2 00:00:38 Cool

Speaker 1 00:00:39 Mindset side of golf. Yeah. From me. And we're going to have yours are

Speaker 2 00:00:43 Melons magic moment. Um, so some, some tents and tips to help you in golf.

Speaker 1 00:00:48 Yeah. Because the main thing about our little podcast here, it's all about helping you play golf without effort, effortless golf.

Speaker 2 00:00:55 Yeah. Like that with some factual information and a bit of fun. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:00:59 And do you know what, I don't know what your molars magic moments are and you don't know what my Joe's little gems are. So it's fresh on the table. I'm scared. Look at a little bit of the bees Roundup. We're going to have our little hints and tips. How can you play golf without effort? Um, and then, yeah, could we not later on though, one might test our good is by, um, I asked him to randomly give me, um, uh, various golf courses from around the world and I'm gonna place them in front of you. And you're gonna tell me this whole is Nervous.

Speaker 2 00:01:37 Uh, well, I gave you quite a big list. That's going to be interesting. Well, yeah,

Speaker 1 00:01:45 Cause

Speaker 2 00:01:46 I could look really stupid. Do I go handicap?

Speaker 1 00:01:48 No, no, you just need to just be brave. So it's called get holy water man guests, the whole in wall, like game show guests the whole in wall. Um, I might give you two chances or I don't know. What'd you reckon we should be very lenient with you, but anyway, I've got it lined up. So the big reveal of come towards the end of the show. So he called a hang in there. Right. And see what was going on. So, um, you've got a bit of a day. So we come to that in a bit as well with some tires and a pothole. Honestly, believe it. Anyway, what's going on in the world of golf, then start with

Speaker 2 00:02:24 A few bits going on. Uh, just read the tiger woods has got the PIP, which is interesting. Not at once. So he's just picked a Phil

Speaker 1 00:02:31 Mickelson and what is a PIP

Speaker 2 00:02:34 Players impact program? So a golfers that have had a great impact on the world of golf and in the world in general, I would say so tiger woods. I just pipped, uh, Phil Mickelson to the post

Speaker 2 00:02:51 Yeah. So he's picked Phil and he's just taking home nice. Uh, $8 million Ish. Well, Phil was doing really well. Yeah. Yeah. So, but he's, they generally, they generally give it to charity. So they do, they do really good things with it. So they got

Speaker 1 00:03:09 No

Speaker 2 00:03:09 Idea, no idea. Some of you guys will know, but I don't know. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:03:14 So he picked him to the post.

Speaker 2 00:03:15 Yeah, Tim, uh, cause Phil as upset the golfing world, somewhat with some of these comments about, uh, Saudi Arabia. So, uh, no surprise. He's lost a little bit of favor with the golfers around the world and uh, tiger woods, you know, he's on a comeback train. Could he play in the masters? Couldn't he play in the masters? I think, I think he will. I think if he's fitting your fee well, but uh, who knows? Let's see. Let's see what happens. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:03:40 Okay. So that's number one on the, on the list of things going on around the world. What else is going on? A lot of golf.

Speaker 2 00:03:44 So, uh, this not this week, sorry, Zach Johnson. Who's been picked as the U S Ryder cup captain. Um, Zack is just the bulldog in that he's a proper golfer. He's a street fighter. Um, it'll definitely have some tactics up his sleeve. They're coming to Europe this time. I don't know. They were really good last time if I've been honest, uh, we don't know, uh, as yet who the Ryder cup captain is for your, uh, my, my play on it. My thoughts would be Luke Donald.

Speaker 1 00:04:17 I'm sorry. I think

Speaker 2 00:04:19 You didn't call him Lukey boy, but he's not Nikki. So Luke, one of the nicest guys in golf, um, been around the Ryder cup for a long time. One of the plays favorites, uh, it seems to be a lovely family man, lovely golfer, unbelievable short game, but he'll have some, uh, inspiration and some thoughts on leadership. And I think Luke would be a good pick. Um, I thought it might have been Lee Westwood, but apparently he's taken his, uh, his name out of the hats at the moment. Uh, cause potentially could play in it. Um, I would say fairly soon because they've, you know, they picked the Ryder cup captain for America. So it's gotta be fairly soon, 2023. So towards the end of the year. So September normally, so yeah, that's going to be good. Look forward to that one as always, everybody looks forward to that one. So we've got to, we've got a bit of time to get better.

Speaker 1 00:05:15 Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:05:16 It feels like it, but before you know it try to come to

Speaker 1 00:05:17 Yeah. Wow. So yeah, nothing happens in our house around the cook time. Does it,

Speaker 2 00:05:24 Uh, cross that off? No lessons. Don't coach you no video and no helping people just for your indulgence.

Speaker 1 00:05:29 I'll say glad that we've got a shared diary. So now do you remember that was that, that time that my mom came one was there in the, on and in front of the Sally? Yeah,

Speaker 2 00:05:36 No, it's fine. Yeah. I'm watching the Ryder cup and she's flipping doing the ironing. So anyway, she stopped that pretty quickly.

Speaker 1 00:05:43 I've been around since I was in 1986. That's what I'm saying. Your mother-in-law if you want any hints and tips come to JVs. Right? So what else going on the world as well? So key date coming up very soon. There

Speaker 2 00:05:55 Is 7th of April. What's going to happen, Joe. What's on the 7th of April. Everybody, everybody.

Speaker 1 00:06:01 Well,

Speaker 2 00:06:02 If somebody on this

Speaker 1 00:06:03 Oh,

Speaker 2 00:06:06 I love them. I Love the favorite tournament. Um, but the masters is just got some feedback. It, everybody knows a golf course. Everybody knows, uh, what it's all about. And uh, yeah, so that's Probably, I don't know, but making sure it isn't, so that's all good. Uh, look at, everybody looks at us as that, but it's coming around. It's uh, it's only a month away now.

Speaker 1 00:06:33 Can I? Well, his search like night and day, isn't it in the UK between the winter and the summer, But I mean golf wise as well, just like everything still has to run port doesn't it again? Um, that, um, but to call it, but to the clock change, don't they end a March everything. So everything's okay.

Speaker 2 00:06:50 Exchange seasons change and a competition starting in the UK, but yeah, just a little bit. Yeah. So spring is literally Like to see new growth on stuff.

Speaker 1 00:07:01 You can't really tell he's been around golf all his life. Cause he knows about trees and grass and leaves and everything. I was brought up in a city. So is there ever a learning curve in our house? Isn't it? I, I still have today. Then that was a bit of a fun story to that.

Speaker 2 00:07:17 I've been coaching in Stratford, upon Avon driving down the main road, buying two whales bust on the . It was full of water. Uh, so I just thought it was a puddle hit the messy part old 1200 quid later. Thanks for that.

Speaker 1 00:07:33 Yeah. Well you said, I said, no, doesn't have to Darden. And you said, oh, just hit a pothole. I was like, oh, okay. And you were really calm about it. I said, well, do you want me to help you? So, um, you know, immediately got on the phone didn't I try and find a way to get some more tires. But the funniest thing that I've ever heard in my whole life is that that He'd gone into the pothole. Right. So would make the car then make the, I mean, it was a complete accident, wasn't it? Cause it's wet. So there's water in there. So we now know that you will also need tires. So you got out your car and you rang me to tell me what had gone on. And I said, well, make sure you going to take a picture of it just in case and within about a 15 minute gap from there to go in and back to the pothole, what has happened to the possible?

Speaker 2 00:08:21 You can't believe it. I was just walking up the road to see,

Speaker 1 00:08:24 I don't believe that the pothole have been filled in from the time of the, you went in it to then it had been, I mean, not, I don't believe it. Yeah.

Speaker 2 00:08:31 I couldn't agree. I shocked. So the lady who I phoned up at the council to complain, she says, that's the first time anybody's done it within 15 minutes been in peds.

Speaker 1 00:08:43 I still do not believe that story. You could tell me that. So I'm in my grave.

Speaker 2 00:08:47 It's true.

Speaker 1 00:08:50 Lisa, fix a pothole anyway. We'll fix a car. Which yeah. Anyway, Thinking about the story once it was right outside our friend's house as well. So it was lucky that damn rain. So you think at the time that you need your friend to be at home to go and get the flipping cup of coffee or something to warm you up Anyway. But Um, okay. So what about your hints and tips today? Cause, okay, this is what we're talking about. Isn't it is learn to play golf without effort. So what's your top tip today? Mellows magic moments.

Speaker 2 00:09:26 Magic moment. What goes up? Must come down.

Speaker 1 00:09:29 I know what this is.

Speaker 2 00:09:30 I have a T so people in the bunkers, uh, people who've watched my YouTube videos will have heard me say this before, but people who haven't gravity use gravity in the bunker. So if you make sure the club goes up and it comes down, you'll hit the sun. Every time you can get underneath the golf ball. If you swing flat, you're going to pre-K that the middle of the ball hit behind the ball or hit it into the face and it just wasn't come out very well. So make sure you're using your risks correctly. Get that clip to go up down through, uh, bunkers that easy when you get that bit. Right.

Speaker 1 00:10:00 So what happened to me though? Um, I won't pretend like flew out like a bullet

Speaker 2 00:10:05 And this one sorted flat. Yeah. We need that clip to go. Right? So what goes up must come down.

Speaker 1 00:10:10 The only time I ever get any hints and tips, it's like when we sat next to each other. So just forgive me. If I ask him how come my golf because he's busy teaching everybody else. Just say it. It's fine. I know my place is fine. Okay. So here's Joe's little gem and I suppose this could be the biggest, best tip that you've ever had managing your emotional side of playing golf, who is ready. So would you say that golf has get frustrated? Do you get frustrated playing golf?

Speaker 1 00:10:41 It sounds a bit weird. And I'm just asking you to experiment because it actually does work this little tip. So when you get aware that you're feeling frustrated, what you must do is not like try and lie to yourself. It's not that, um, go with it a little bit and let it go. So here's how you do it. And it sounds a bit weird. I know, but I'm just asking you to experiment and see how it goes and it doesn't work, email us, and I can give you another one. So when you get to feel frustrated, you just say to yourself, a feeling of frustration is passing through me. Sounds a bit weird, honestly, but you've got to acknowledge that the frustration is there and the land, let it pass

Speaker 2 00:11:17 It onto it.

Speaker 1 00:11:18 Exactly. Because people say to you and let go of your frustration or your angry mood, don't they? But they don't tell you how so. That's what I'm teaching you is how to let go of your frustration. So you've got to be aware that it's frustration and then you you're aware of it. And then you let it pass. Cause the thing that when people hold onto their emotion, by saying, I am frustrated, I am frustrated. It hangs onto you a lot longer because it's just an emotion that you should be aware of. And let it go. Feeling of frustration is passing through me

Speaker 2 00:11:48 A little

Speaker 1 00:11:48 Bit. So you can, don't just do it once. You know, I mean you might do once. It might just work or then you might need to do it. So it's not your feeling. It's a feeling of frustration as passing through me. We'll all, we'll all accept the fact that the more frustrated you feel, the worse, your golf guys.

Speaker 2 00:12:05 Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:12:05 That could be the biggest tip ever. A feeling of frustration is passing through me. Cool. Let me know. Let me know if it works as well. So that's a joke is a little gem of the week.

Speaker 2 00:12:15 Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:12:16 Okay. So what's coming up next then LA almost coming up next. Oh Mom, I'll definitely give you the answer. That's why this little piece of paper is over here.

Speaker 2 00:12:28 Okay.

Speaker 1 00:12:29 So check your eyes. So I'm going to show everybody else what this picture is. And if you can't see it on here, we'll put it up separately. Okay. So that is the goal fault. You may or may not be able to see it. Don't worry about it. If you can't, because we'll put it up separately. I'm just checking that it doesn't say on here.

Speaker 2 00:12:52 I'm not looking at it. I'm not sure

Speaker 1 00:12:54 I to show you the picture now. Well, I can show you the screen. Is that so you've got um, well, well you got a few golf balls.

Speaker 2 00:13:08 Okay.

Speaker 1 00:13:10 It is there on my computer. You might not be able to say it, but don't stress about it. That's the main one that needs to be, it is sitting right next to me.

Speaker 2 00:13:18 Looks like a porphyry.

Speaker 1 00:13:21 Okay.

Speaker 2 00:13:26 Oh, where is it? I actually think that's first hole at Wentworth. That's the first

Speaker 1 00:13:32 Time

Speaker 2 00:13:34 I'm going to go with a first at Wentworth or it could be the 6th of August. The, they look a little bit similar. Oh God. Oh wow. Okay. I see. See the proper hole. I want to see it in real life. No, it isn't. That's like a simulator

Speaker 1 00:14:10 1%.

Speaker 2 00:14:14 No, I don't like it.

Speaker 1 00:14:16 So I'll give you one more. Well, so the course is wrong.

Speaker 2 00:14:20 So I'm going to go or so the courses are wrong.

Speaker 1 00:14:24 The courses are wrong. Cause you said worse.

Speaker 2 00:14:27 Do you go? I know exactly where it is. No.

Speaker 1 00:14:32 I didn't know where this was going to work

Speaker 2 00:14:33 Or not. I was going to say Palm beach country club, but it isn't.

Speaker 1 00:14:36 It's

Speaker 2 00:14:36 Not that they haven't got that many trees. Yeah. I don't know where that is.

Speaker 1 00:14:48 The Belfry.

Speaker 2 00:14:50 The, the 18.

Speaker 3 00:14:52 Oh

Speaker 2 00:14:54 No. Is it

Speaker 1 00:14:56 The

Speaker 2 00:14:56 Par five 17? I think he's a Paul five 14. God. Yeah. I see.

Speaker 1 00:15:11 Oh, don't say now you go over here. I can see it now. I mean, this is our first go at this. Isn't it. This is our first go.

Speaker 2 00:15:20 You're going to have to do it as a real picture of the real hole. No it isn't. That's a, that's a simulate to one anyway. Lost that one. One, one.

Speaker 1 00:15:37 Well, that's a YouTube video now, if you don't want to watch

Speaker 2 00:15:40 That anyway, it doesn't matter that you went

Speaker 1 00:15:42 To

Speaker 1 00:15:46 Oh, okay. So this week please don't do any damage to your car.

Speaker 2 00:15:50 Yeah, no chumps. Well, I'd love to got it.

Speaker 1 00:15:56 Thank you. council for lead the poll, by the way, for the benefit of

Speaker 1 00:16:03 What's coming up this week, then Proper golfing wise,

Speaker 2 00:16:06 The golfing wise podcast tomorrow. Not a podcast meeting tomorrow.

Speaker 1 00:16:11 Yeah. No cakes or wine or anything this week. No special.

Speaker 2 00:16:14 No, not this week. Nice and simple. So every, uh, every Thursday, 8:00 PM, UK time, we have our members meeting This week. Um, yeah, it's been really, really busy. Um, the 1% still, so we're still adding 1% marginal gains on until it, so we got halfway through it last time we just run out of time. So I'm going to have some more to go with that.

Speaker 1 00:16:38 Um, for those of you that don't know what the 1% marginal gains there is, they all came about, um, started in London, Olympics 2012 with a guy called David Brailsford. And, um, he was the boss of the British cycling team and it basically smashed everything and in a really good way, because he looked at the cycling, the whole process, basically the bikes on the team and the whole culture and broke it all back down. And then he built at these little warm percents that all adds up over a period of time to give you massive results. It's called the theory of 1% marginal gains and it is awesome and everything in there. So we're trying to build that into the golf hallway. So we give you, you know, I'm not going to change the world overnight, but the little one percents that all other private pair at a time that could give you massive margins in the same way you can go down.

Speaker 2 00:17:23 I can definitely go down. Could definitely go up. But you know, he's thinking about what you eat in the night before, for instance can count on this.

Speaker 1 00:17:29 Can you say like, I don't know what the statistics are, but say if you had a chocolate biscuit every day, you could have put over like half or so in a year or something. You'd have a chocolate biscuit. If you take one out, then you're going to lose weight over a period of time. So it's like the little 1%, all other,

Speaker 2 00:17:43 Fairly simple to do.

Speaker 1 00:17:46 I hope you enjoyed our little, um, little casting, uh, more next time. Um, and if you need anything, you can email Judy in a proper golf Um, very easily.

Speaker 2 00:17:59 Leave it, leave a comment in the box below. And uh, yeah. And if you want to, if any topics you want us to cover in golf, uh, let us know and we'll, uh, we'll look into it and see what we can do.

Speaker 1 00:18:10 Yeah.

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